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To: R.A.Hettinga <rah@private>
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Subject: bounty for errors in _Translucent Databases_
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 16:05:44 -0500

To: All readers of Translucent Databases.

I'm starting work on the second edition of _Translucent Databases_. To
help eliminate errors, I'm quadrupling the bounty for error reports to
$20 per error. I may also pay for suggestions for improving it, but
that's harder to codify.

For info on the book, see this website:


The only rules are designed to prevent people from using this offer to
print money: only the first person to report each error gets $20. I
reserve the right to relax this rule to pay multiple people who don't
seem to be colluding. I get to decide what constitutes an technical
error and how big an error might be. For instance, if I screwed up and
listing pi=3.41592..., I get to decide that this is only one error.
It's not an infinite set of errors because the first digit after the
decimal point is not 4, the second digit is not 1, the third digit is
not 5, etc. Also, non-technical errors don't qualify, although I'm
grateful to get them.

To see previously reported errors:


I promise to try to apply these rules as generously as possible.


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