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Date: Mon Mar 07 2005 - 23:20:21 PST

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Dear ISN readers,


We are proud to announce the immediate availability of the Hack In The 
Box Security Conference 2004 videos [Pack-1 and Pack-2]. Held at The 
Westin Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia from October 4th till the 7th, 
HITBSecConf2004 saw some of the biggest names in the network security 
industry down to present their latest research and findings. 
HITBSecConf2004 was also the first time we had two keynote speakers 
namely Theo de Raadt, creator and project leader for OpenBSD and 
OpenSSH and John T. Draper infamously known as Captain Crunch. Other 
speakers who presented include the grugq, Shreeraj Shah, Fyodor 
Yarochkin, Emmanuel Gadaix, Adam Gowdiak, Jose Nazario, Meder 
Kydyraliev and several others.

For a chance to catch up with some of the speakers who presented at 
last years' conference those in the Asia Pacific region can head on 
over to Bellua Cyber Security 2005 taking place later this month in 
Jakarta, Indonesia. If you're in the Middle East or Europe, there's 
HITBSecConf2005 - Bahrain taking place from April 10th till the 13th in 
Manama, Bahrain. See you guys there.

Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2005 - http://www.bellua.net
21-22 March - The Workshops - 23-24 March - The Conference
bcs2005@private - Phone: +62 21 391 8330 HP: +62 818 699 084

Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2005 -

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