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JAKARTA, - 20 March, 2005- The largest ethical hacking and information
security conference in Asia will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia at
the Hotel Borobudur from 23rd to 24th March 2005. The conference is
arranged by PT Bellua Asia Pacific and supported by PT Excelcomindo
Pratama (XL), one of Indonesia's largest GSM operators and
infrastructure providers. The main goal of the event is to increase
security awareness and information sharing both in the public as well
as the corporate and government sector to the many security relate
issues that could potentially affect their business.

"XL, the Official Major Sponsor of Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2005, is
proud to be able to deliver this very unique event. We hope it will
increase the awareness and understanding of critical information
infrastructure security and encourage active engagement and interest"  
said Rudiantara, XL Director of Corporate Affairs.

"The increasing complexity of telecommunication infrastructure with
the advent of Internet, GPRS, 3G, VoIP and VAS applications leads to
many further opportunities for attackers. The Banks and Telcos used to
be "closed environments", it isn't really the case anymore.", says one
of the speakers, Emmanuel Gadaix, founder and leader of the Telecom
Security Task Force.

For the first time in Indonesia, the conference will put together
various number of internationally recognized experts in the security
community as well as leading members of the Indonesian technology and
security industry.

The conference is also expected to add depth and understanding of
security issues in the public sector: technical challenges facing the
public authorities as well as providing a secure public

The event will open with the Attorney General of Indonesia, Bpk. Abdul
Rahman Saleh as well as the Minister of Communications and
Information, Bpk. DR. Sofyan Djalil, delivering their keynote speech.

Between 400 to 600 delegates and visitors are expected to attend the
conference, with coverage from a large number of media outlets from
the region.

Over 40 speakers from numerous disciplines will join Bellua Cyber
Security Asia 2005 to discuss present and future information security
issues through an intensive series of workshops, presentations,
technical sessions and demonstrations. "BCS is all about knowledge
transfer and information sharing, our speakers aren't coming to
Jakarta to sell products!"

The conference will be spread across 2 concurrent tracks focusing on
the business and technical aspects of information security. The
business tracks will be the meeting of minds to discuss the challenges
of securing an organization from a process approach. 

The technical track in the conference will present current
technologies, bleeding-edge techniques as well as experience sharing
among the international speakers. In addition, the conference will
also unveil in Jakarta some new attacks and vulnerabilities (and how
to defend from them).

Among the speakers, Fabrice Marie, a senior security consultant
working for one of the "Big 4" will showcase well known internet
banking attacks and provide guidelines on how to prevent them. Fetri
Miftach will explain how to build security from planning to action
using British Standard 7799. Dave McKay (ex-Google, ex-US DoD &
ex-Microsoft)  will deliver a speech on one of the most human aspect
of information security, "Social Engineering". Dave explains: "In
today's world, confidence scams present quite possibly one of the
highest threats to security within the business world. Control of
information, withholding and leaking, can lead to massive failures and
losses depending on how skilled the attacker may be. In combination
with disinformation and propaganda, social engineering can as fatal as
or even lead to loss of customer and shareholder confidence."  

Microsoft Security Business Services is flying in from Redmond, WA,
several of its security experts to Jakarta including David Steeve and
John Howie  who will talk about securing online transactions and
compliance management.

Ethical hacking & security contests will let novices develop
their skills and challenge experts in their favorite arenas, allowing
all a chance to win prizes.

Bellua Cyber Security 2005 is brought to you by Excelcomindo Pratama
(XL) & Bellua Asia Pacific, Kabelvision, Mynet, Bispro, M-Sistems,
Cisco, Multipolar, Microsoft, Unipro, Scan Nusantara, Network Security
Solutions, KPMG, Esgulf, TSTF, The Jakarta Post, SWA, Detik, KCM,
ISACA, Infolinux, Phrack Magazine, HERT, InfoSecNews, Zone-H, Hack in
The Box, The Hacker's Choice, Packet Storm, eBizzAsia, ...

About XL

PT EXCELCOMINDO PRATAMA (XL) commenced commercial operations in
October 1996, providing GSM cellular network service in Indonesia by
using a GSM 900 technology base which was subsequently complemented
with a 1800 technology base. Since then XL was the first privately
owned mobile telephone service provider in Indonesia.

XL is a joint venture resulted from the collaboration between several
local companies and foreign companies, all of which are well-respected
companies having experiences in the telecommunication industry. Thus,
XL benefits from the synergy of its shareholder's skills and technical

Our business primarily consists of providing voice, data and other
value-added cellular telecommunications services. We operate our
network pursuant to a GSM license from the Minister of Communications
which has allocated two bands of spectrum for us to operate our GSM
900 and GSM 1900 networks.

For more information please visit www.xl.co.id


PT Bellua Asia Pacific is a consortium of independent consultants and
consulting firms specialising in information security & business
process engineering.

Our clients benefit from our extensive network of consultants which
covers more than 24 countries including: Argentina, Austria,
Australia, Belgium, China, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece,
Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sri
Lanka, Thailand and the United States.

We are vendor neutral and our information security consultants have
many years of information security experience that include performing
penetration testing, security assessments for some of the largest
Asian banks and over a dozen Fortune 500 companies.

For more information please visit www.bellua.net

For general event questions, please email bcs2005@private For
questions regarding event registration, please call +62 21 391 8330
Fax +62 211 391 8328 or SMS 0817 018 1770.

Press Contacts:  
Anthony Zboralski
PT Bellua Asia Pacific
Bumi Daya Plaza, 18th Fl., Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 61, Jakarta 10310
+62 818 699 084  

The Keynote Speakers:
 * Bpk. Abdul Rahman Saleh, Attorney General of Republic Indonesia
 * Bpk. DR. Sofyan Djalil, Minister of Communications and 
   Information of Republic Indonesia
 * Onno Purbo (Indonesia)

 The Business Track:
 * John Grygorcewicz - The Importance of Security in Business 
   Processes (Australia)
 * Fetri Miftach - Building Security into Treasury Systems using 
   BS7799 (Indonesia)

 * Dave McKay - Social Engineering Fundamentals (Italy - USA)
 * Emmanuel Gadaix - Carrier-grade security: A primer for 
   telecommunications operators (France)
 * Fabrice Marie - Hacking Internet Banking Applications (France)
 * Philip Victor - Converging Security Awareness into the 
   Organisation's Culture (Malaysia)
 * Jim Geovedi - Day to Day Security for Managers, Users and SMEs 
 * Iwan Atmawidjaja & Peter McNally - Business Continuity Management - 
   Asia Perspective (Indonesia & Australia)
 * John Howie - Compliance Management: Is Patch Management Dead? (United States)
 * Phil Leifermann - Enterprise Security Management (Australia)
 * Roberto Preatoni & Fabio Ghioni - Cyber Terrorism and Cyber War (Italy)
 * David Steeves - Securing Online Transactions (USA)
 * Jagdeep Kairon - Enterprise Security Demystified (Malaysia)

Panel Discussion: Cyber Crime & Cyber Law
 * Bpk Halius Hosen, SH, Chief of Planning Bureau
   Attorney General's Office of Republic Indonesia
 * Bpk DR. Moedjiono, M.Sc Deputy Minister for ICT.
   Ministry of Communication and Information of Republic Indonesia
 * Ibrahim Assegas - Hukum Online (Indonesia)
 * Convicted Hacker Dani Firmansyah "xnuxer" (Indonesia)

Panel Discussion: Building a Safe Internet
 * Basuki Suhardiman - Institute of Technology Bandung (Indonesia)
 * Budi Raharjo - Indocisc (Indonesia)
 * Johar Alam - IDC Indonesia (Indonesia)
 * Eko Indrajit (Indonesia)
 * Hasan Yahya (Moderator) (Indonesia)

The Technical Track:
 * The Grugq - Digital Forensics and the Art of Anti-Forensics (United Kingdom)
 * Ryan McBride - Robust Firewalls with OpenBSD and PF (Canada)
 * David Maynor - DMA: The Unknown Attack Vector (United States)
 * Cesar Cerrudo - Windows IPC Exploitation (Argentina)
 * Assessing Server Security - State of the Art - Charl Van Der Walt 
   (South Africa)
 * Don Bailey "North" - Once a Thief, Kernel Rootkit (United States)
 * S.K. Chong - Windows Local Kernel Exploitation (Malaysia)
 * Fyodor Yarochkin & Meder Kydyraliev - Advanced Intrusion Data 
   Normalisation and Correlation (Kyrgyzstan)
 * Julien Vanegue & Sebastien Soudan - Distributed Binary Manipulation (France)
 * Marc Schonefeld - Java & Secure Programming (Germany)
 * Shreeraj Shah - Web Application Kung-Fu, The Art of Defense (India)
 * Himanshu Dwivedi - Attacking and Protecting Storage Area Networks (USA)
Panel Discussion: Honeypot & Honeynet
 * Ralph K. Logan - The Honeynet Project (United States)
 * Kamal Hilmi Othman - Honeypot and Internet Background Noise (Malaysia)
 * Marek Bialoglowy - Deploying Custom Honeypot to catch Insider Hackers (Poland)

Panel Discussion: The Security and Hacking Community
 * Skyper - Ralf Kaiser - Editor in Chief of Phrack Magazine
 * Onno Purbo - Internet For Every One (Indonesia)
 * Ariesto Kosasih - NSFocus & XFocus (Indonesia)
 * Roberto Preatoni - Zone-H, a defacement/cybercrime archive (Italy)

Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2005 - http://www.bellua.net
21-22 March - The Workshops - 23-24 March - The Conference
bcs2005@private - Phone: +62 21 391 8330 HP: +62 818 699 084

Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2005 -

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