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1. In Focus: pGina Open Source GINA Replacement 

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   - Altiris to Acquire Pedestal Software
   - BMC Acquires OpenNetwork
   - Consolidated Security Event IDs in Windows 2003

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==== 1. In Focus: pGina Open Source GINA Replacement ====
   by Mark Joseph Edwards, News Editor, mark at ntsecurity / net

You're probably aware that Windows Graphical Identification and 
Authentication (GINA) DLL is the interface used for logons during user 
authentication. You might also be aware that you can install a GINA 
replacement if you need to use nonstandard authentication methods or to 
integrate additional authentication types, such as a fingerprint logon 

It's probably not wise to replace GINA unless you really need to 
because doing so could weaken both your system and network security. 
But in some cases, that might not matter to you as much as the 
management headache that you'd incur if you didn't replace GINA. 

Some vendors--particularly those that make alternative authentication 
systems--offer GINA replacements to help integrate their products into 
a Windows platform. But there are undoubtedly some network 
architectures in which you'd really like to a have a GINA replacement, 
yet haven't found anything suitable that can address all your needs. 

Recently in SecurityFocus's Focus-MS mailing list, someone mentioned an 
open-source GINA replacement, pGina, that seems like it could be 
helpful to those with diverse authentication needs. pGina, from XPA 
Systems, is unique in that it uses a plug-in architecture that lets you 
add just about any kind of authentication mechanism you can imagine. If 
there isn't a plug-in that meets your needs, then you can use the 
source code to develop one or have someone develop a plug-in for you. 
Depending on your needs and network architecture, pGina might let you 
centralize all your user credentials, which could save a lot of time 
and effort in management. 

Numerous plug-ins are already available for pGina. For example, the 
Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service (RADIUS) plug-in lets you 
authenticate users to any RADIUS server. The ACE plug-in lets you use 
RSA Security's RSA SecureID two-factor authentication system for 
Windows logons--although last I heard, RSA does offer its own GINA 
replacement. Another interesting plug-in works with MySQL open-source 
database servers, which could be used to store user credentials. Yet 
another plug-in works with the Bluesocket architecture, which is very 
useful for authenticating mobile users. There are also plug-ins for 
Network Information Service (NIS) servers, Lightweight Directory Access 
Protocol (LDAP) servers, OpenAFS (based on the Andrew File System), and 

GINA replacements are also available from other sources. FrontMotion 
sells source code to a GINA replacement that supports most versions of 
Windows and includes domain support and Active Directory (AD) support. 
Doug Scoular offers a free GINA replacement that helps integrate 
Windows with Unix or Linux platforms by using FTP as an authentication 
mechanism. Deakin University offers free GINA source code that can be 
used to authenticate with NIS servers. 


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Recent Security Vulnerabilities
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Alerts, which inform you about recently discovered security 
vulnerabilities. You can also find information about these 
discoveries at

Altiris to Acquire Pedestal Software
   Altiris announced that it will acquire Pedestal Software in a deal 
valued at $65 million. Altiris further said that after the deal closes 
at the end of March, the company will immediately begin integrating 
Pedestal products into its distribution channels and will continue 
offering Pedestal's SecurityExpressions and AuditExpress products as 
standalone solutions.

BMC Acquires OpenNetwork
   BMC Software announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire 
OpenNetwork, makers of Web application management and single sign-on 
(SSO) technology. BMC said OpenNetwork's solutions will allow BMC to 
expand its browser-based authentication and authorization offerings, 
which compliment its existing offerings for workflow, audit and 
compliance, enterprise-enabled SSO, provisioning, and directory content 

Consolidated Security Event IDs in Windows 2003
   Randy Franklin Smith tells why Windows Server 2003 domain 
controllers (DCs) don't report domain-account authentication failures, 
except for bad password attempts. 


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Security Matters Blog 
   by Mark Joseph Edwards, http://list.windowsitpro.com/t?ctl=650F:4FB69

Patching with WSUS
   If you're interested in using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS--
formerly Windows Update Services), then you might consider watching 
Microsoft's new on-demand TechNet Webcast, "Introduction to Security 
Patching Using Windows Update Services." The Webcast offers insight 
into WSUS's new features and offers planning and deployment guidance. 
Microsoft also released a WSUS release candidate (RC) and said that 
after April 22, WUS beta 2 will no longer receive updates. So if you 
were testing the beta, you need to update your copy to the RC. 

   by John Savill, http://list.windowsitpro.com/t?ctl=650D:4FB69 

Q: How can I deploy missing patches to my Microsoft Systems Management 
Server (SMS) clients?

Find the answer at

Security Forum Featured Thread: Password Control Via IIS
   A forum participant has an intranet that requires domain 
authentication for access to data on one Windows 2000 Server machine. 
He's set a password timeout period for x number of days. But users 
don't see a password expiration warning because they log on via an IIS 
site. In addition, passwords seem to stop working for some time before 
they expire. How can he deliver a password expiration notification to 
the users? Join the discussion at 


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==== 4. New and Improved ====
   by Renee Munshi, products@private

Encryption with Two-Factor Authentication
   Mobile Armor announced that its PolicyServer and DataArmor products 
have "RSA SecurID Ready" certification, meaning that they now integrate 
with RSA SecurID two-factor authentication technology. DataArmor 
software provides preboot authentication and high-speed full-device 
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