[ISN] Fremont Man Busted for Fake Prescriptions

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Kevin Milliken   
kmilliken @ nbc24.com
December 2, 2005

(Fremont, OH) --- You could say 27-year old Chad Mockensturm had a bad
week. Now he's spending his birthday behind bars.

Fremont police say Mockensturm recently got fired from a car audio
dealer and ended up living in a Fremont motel. But detectives call
Mockensturm a "gadget guy" who cooked up an elaborate computer scheme
to make fake prescriptions and feed an addiction to painkillers.

"I wouldn't say he's a computer genius, but I would say fairly
intelligent," said Tony Emrich, a Fremont police detective. "This is
not your average prescription fraudulent activity."

Police say the scheme started with a keychain gadget known as a wi-fi
finder, which scans for wireless Internet service. Once Mockensturm
found a signal, detectives say would park his van in front of
someone's house, steal their wireless Internet access, and download
the prescription painkiller information he needed --- without them
ever knowing it.

Once he returned to his motel room, detectives say Mockensturm would
plug the painkiller information into his computer, then scan an actual
prescription, rewrite it, and print out a bogus batch.

Police say the real prescription was for a name-brand drug. But
without medical insurance, Mockensturm could only afford a cheap
high-- so he went for generic painkillers.

Mockensturm got busted waiting in line at Kroger, when workers at the
pharmacy smelled fraud.

"We're glad we picked this up fairly early on, because I think in time
he would have realized what he was capable of doing with his
intelligence and it could have been a real big headache for us,"  
Emrich admitted.

Police call the case a warning shot for all wireless Internet users,
especially those that don't protect their access with security
measures. Detectives admit Mockensturm could have stolen all sorts of
personal information from people, but only wanted drugs.

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