[ISN] N.J. forms cyber-crime task force

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Date: Mon Jan 09 2006 - 01:36:38 PST


By Sam Wood
Inquirer Staff Writer
Jan. 05, 2006

Victims of computer crime now have a powerful ally in the State of New

The Attorney General's Office announced yesterday that a Computer
Crime Task Force had been formed by merging the nationally known state
police cyber-crimes unit with the office's computer analysis and
technology unit.

The unit is designed to track down such crimes as computer hacking and
child pornography.

"The game plan is to pool training and experience that will lead to
more prosecution of cyber crime in the state," said State Police Capt.  
Ken Schairer, who will be co-chief of the task force.

The state police cyber-crimes unit initiated about 125 investigations
in 2005 and made about 100 arrests, Schairer said.

The task force is made up of about 20 investigators, said Aurora
Fagan, supervising deputy attorney general, who will also serve as

"There should be less overlap now that we're both aware of the
investigations that we're both doing," said Fagan, who previously led
the computer analysis unit in the Attorney General's Office.

She said many computer crimes went uninvestigated because victims did
not know where to report them.


More Information

To report cyber crime, call the Computer Crime Task Force at
1-888-648-6007. To learn more about the task force or fill out an
online incident form, visit www.cctf.nj.gov

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