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WASHINGTON, Jan. 19 (UPI) -- A prestigious private school in 
Washington brought in the Secret Service to solve a computer caper. 

The Smoking Gun, also known as thesmokinggun.com, obtained a search 
warrant affidavit and other documents involving the instance of 
apparent computer hacking at the Georgetown Day School. The school's 
students include the children of high government officials and 
prominent members of the media. 

The investigation began when school officials learned that someone had 
used a teacher's school e-mail account to send messages to three male 
students. One was reportedly obscene while the other two included 
realistic details of poor classroom work by the recipients. 

The Secret Service and Justice Department investigators found that the 
account had been accessed through speakeasy.com and traced the its 
origins to a computer owned by a developer's wife well-known on the 
social scene. The agents raided the woman's home with a search warrant 
and seized two computers, an iPod and an external hard drive. 

No one has been arrested in connection with the e-mail. 



Feds Probe D.C. School Prank 

Georgetown landmark raided after e-mail hack at tony institution 
JANUARY 19 -- Wow, you know your high school principal's strict when
he sics the U.S. Secret Service on your teenage, prank-playing ass.

That's what just happened at Georgetown Day School, a prestigious
Washington, D.C. private school whose student body has included the
offspring of politicians, White House officials, media heavyweights,
and a Supreme Court justice. 

According to a January 6 search warrant application filed in U.S.
District Court, a copy of which you can find below, principal Kevin
Barr called in the feds after a teacher's e-mail account was
"compromised and used to send e-mails to three students."


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