[ISN] Iron Mountain loses more backup tapes

From: InfoSec News (isn@private)
Date: Tue May 02 2006 - 23:37:52 PDT


By Chris Mellor
02 May 2006

Accident-prone Iron Mountain has mislaid more backup tapes containing
personal information.

On April 6th, a driver reported that backup tapes belonging to the
Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and another customer had gone missing.

The LIRR tapes contained personal information about 17,000 past and
current employees - virtually everyone who has every worked for the
concern. The second customer's tapes did not contain personal

So far no evidence of theft has been found; the tapes have apparently
just been mislaid.

The LIRR is providing a paid-for one year account with a credit check
and identity theft monitoring service - a costly exercise for 17,000

Iron Mountain has previously lost backup tapes belonging to Times
Warner in March, 2005. These covered 600,000 current and past

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