[ISN] Power plant security info leaked onto Net

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Date: Tue May 16 2006 - 22:46:16 PDT


The Japan Times
May 15, 2006

NAGOYA (Kyodo) Security data on a thermal power plant has been leaked
onto the Internet from a virus-infected personal computer, the company
in charge of the plant's security said Sunday.

The information was passed onto the Internet through a file-sharing
program called Share.

The data includes the locations of various facilities in Chubu
Electric Power Co.'s thermal power plant in Owase, Mie Prefecture,
including the control room, instrument panel room and boilers,
officials of the security company, a Chubu affiliate, said.

Also leaked were manuals on how to deal with unconfirmed reports of
intruders in the plant, as well as a list of the names and home
addresses of the security firm's employees and other personal data on
guards, they said.

The data made its way to the Net from a computer belonging to a
40-year-old employee of the security firm, the officials said. He
compiled the data on his PC around 2000.

He started to use Share in March, the officials said.

Chubu Power, based in Nagoya, operates five nuclear power reactors in
Shizuoka Prefecture.

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