Re: [ISN] WBAB offers $10K reward for radio hijacker

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Date: Mon May 22 2006 - 01:39:49 PDT

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: Newsday Staff Writer
: May 19, 2006
: WBAB radio executives asked the Federal Communications Commission 
: Thursday to investigate who hijacked their radio signal and broadcast 
: racial slurs, and offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to an 
: arrest.,0,2053575.story

WBAB jocks apologize for racist bit
Newsday Staff Writer
May 13, 2006

Under threat of suspension or firing, two WBAB radio hosts Friday
apologized profusely for a fake commercial they aired called "Wetback
Steakhouse," said they would undergo cultural sensitivity training and
channel more of the charitable donations they raise to Latino groups.

John Parise and Roger Luce of the Roger and JP morning show also said
the station would invite Latinos onto its public affairs programs to
discuss issues affecting their community.

The minute-long "ad," which aired several times last week, featured a
narrator imitating a Spanish accent inviting "landscapers" and
"dishwashers" to the "Wetback Steakhouse" in Farmingville to enjoy
dishes such as "the lawnmower - beef with rice and beans."


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