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What's in the June 2006 Issue of Windows IT Security
     - Feature: Reaping the Benefits of WPA and PEAP
     - Access Denied
     - Toolbox: Nmap 4.0 Does Windows


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What's in the June 2006 Issue of Windows IT Security

Focus: The Benefits of WPA and PEAP
   Learn how to secure your WLAN with WPA and PEAP, how to craft an effective 
password policy, how to use free tools to audit your Web applications, how to 
use Nmap 4.0 to scan for rogue applications, and more.

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Reaping the Benefits of WPA and PEAP
   Learn about the benefits and configuration steps for securing your 
wireless networks by using WPA or WPA2 technology.
   --John Howie

Nonsubscribers now have access to the Access Denied and Toolbox columns: 

Access Denied
   --Randy Franklin Smith

Preventing Users with Administrator Authority from Installing Software
   Although no measure is completely effective, here are some methods you can 
use to make it harder for users to load unauthorized applications on their 

Defending Against Rootkits
   Prevention is the best medicine against rootkits, which are deployed the 
same way as other malware but are harder to detect once they're on your 

Auditing Folder Permission Changes
   Here's how to configure Windows to record alterations of folder 
permissions in the Security log.

Toolbox: Nmap 4.0 Does Windows
   This essential open-source network port scanner can help you quickly 
identify applications running on your network and easily test firewalls and 
   --Jeff Fellinge

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Examine the threats of allowing unwanted or offensive content into your network 
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Use virtual lab automation solutions to address special challenges in pre-
production and staging environments, such as virtual server file library 
management, provisioning, configuration, and remote access concerns. Live Event: 
Thursday, May 18

Mark Joseph Edwards discusses emerging spyware threats, including rootkits and 
keyloggers, and spyware distribution methods. Live Event: Tuesday, May 30

Maximize your VoIP environment by integrating FoIP technology to increase ROI 
and streamline processes.

Learn the advantages of running SQL Server 2005 and its BI subsystems on the x64 
platform; the performance benefits the x64 architecture provides for Analysis 
Services, Integration Services, and Reporting Services; and how to migrate to 
the new 64-bit x64 platform.

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Determining effective permissions on Windows can be incredibly challenging. In 
this must-have white paper, you'll learn why it's essential to determine 
effective permissions; how to determine who has access to critical information 
in Windows; how to resolve overlapping permissions for network access, shared 
hierarchies, and local machine rights; and how entitlement reporting can 
overcome the challenges with an automated solution.


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