[ISN] Shop owner arrested for cybercrime

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Date: Mon May 22 2006 - 22:31:02 PDT


The Jakarta Post
May 23, 2006 

The owner of a small computer shop in Mangga Dua shopping mall,
Central Jakarta, was able to get through the electronic defense system
of one of the city's major banks, police said Monday.

The man, identified only as TL, entered fictitious credit card
transactions into the system of the city's second largest bank in
terms of assets, Bank Central Asia (BCA).

The suspect did not use any sophisticated technology.

He just used seven cards to authorize 12 transactions totaling Rp 425
million (US$47,222).

Most of the Visa and Mastercard cards were issued by foreign banks,
including Prudential, Westpac and ANZ.

Police suspect TL got the credit card numbers from recording the
details of customers' past transactions, though there is also a
possibility he broke into the bank's computer system.

"He made all the transactions within an hour, which aroused the
suspicions of BCA, as the card claimer," said the chief of the Jakarta
Police's fiscal and monetary crimes unit, Adj. Sr. Comr. Aris

BCA later contacted the card holders, who are mostly non-nationals
living abroad. They had no knowledge of the transactions.

The bank canceled the transactions and reported the case to police in

The suspect was arrested last week, police said.

The vice chairman of the Indonesian Telecommunications Community, Mas
Wigrantara, told The Jakarta Post that at least 1,000 incidents of
e-banking fraud, virus uploads and hacking activities had been
reported in the last six months.

"Although the number is significant, banks are reluctant to report
cases to police or the government because they are worried it will
affect their reputation and the public will no longer trust
e-banking," he said, adding that they preferred to report cases to
their own security consultants.

Wigrantara said the country already had the Indonesia Computer
Security Incident Response Team, but it was not having much of an
impact because of the limited number of cases reported to it. (06)

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