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ToorCon 2006 Call for Papers - Issued June 6th 2006

Papers and presentations are being accepted for ToorCon 2006 to be held at 
the Convention Center in San Diego, CA on September 29th-October 1st. 
Please email your submissions to cfp [at] toorcon.org; submissions will be 
accepted until August 18th, 2006.

About ToorCon

ToorCon is just around the corner again this year. In its 8th running 
year, it is still San Diego's exclusive hacker convention, bringing 
together Southern California's hacker community year after year to attend 
the high quality presentations and participate in the annual festivities. 
This year we are still aiming to provide the same highly technical 
lectures you've come to know and love, but also set the theme as "Bits & 
Bites" which will highlight the low level skills of the trade and focus on 
Reverse Engineering, Protocol Analysis, Cryptography, Hardware Hacks, and 
other nifty bit-twiddling and byte munging techniques. Once again, we will 
be offering an intensive full-day Deep Knowledge Seminar on Friday the 
29th that we are also accepting submissions for.

Submission of Papers

ToorCon only accepts talks on new technologies and methodologies that have 
been recently developed. We will not accept papers that have already been 
presented prior to 2006, unless they present fundamental concepts or 
conform to any of the outlined topics below.

Special consideration will be given to papers addressing the following 

* Reverse Engineering
* Protocol Analysis
* Cryptography
* Hardware Hacks
* Anything related to Bits & Bites, the number 8, and/or includes a
  sweet ascii/ansi art demo :-)

All conference talks should be 50 minutes in length including time for 
delegate participation and questions at the end of the presentation. Deep 
Knowledge Seminar talks should be 90 minutes in length and should include 
hands-on participation for an audience of 25-35 people. Inclusion of any 
talk related tools, white papers or source code will help during the 
selection process. While we try to facilitate speakers' requests for 
equipment, we may not be able to accommodate all requests. In cases where 
we cannot guarantee special equipment the speaker is expected to supply 
hardware and/or software. Each speaker is also expected to bring their own 
laptop to display their presentation.

All talks must be vendor neutral, while speakers are welcome to present on 
behalf of a company - sales pitches will be thrown out.


For each chosen presentation ToorCon will give the speaker and 1 guest 
free admission to the conference, admission to the Deep Knowledge Seminars 
(limited to the first 10 speakers to request admission), and lots of free 
drinks :-).

Speaker Requirements

Please include the following information with your submission:

1. What title you are submitting your paper under.
2. A valid e-mail address AND telephone number where you can be
3. Number of people that will be presenting.
4. A brief description of your talk and what will be presented
5. A brief biography on why you are qualified to speak on your
   topic. This and your description will be used on
   toorcon.org as well as in any press material for the
6. If you are speaking under a company name, please specify for
   which company you work.
7. Will your talk include a sweet ascii/ansi art demo?
8. Would you like to be considered for speaking at the Deep
  Knoweldge Seminars?

For an example of a good submissions, see:

* Chris Abad   - http://toorcon.org/2006/cfp/aempirei.html
* Tom St Denis - http://toorcon.org/2006/cfp/tomstdenis.html

Note that by presenting at ToorCon 2006 you grant ToorCon permission to 
reproduce, distribute and/or advertise your talk as seen fit. If your talk 
is accepted and because of some emergency you are unable to speak, you 
must notify ToorCon within 24 hours of your talk, otherwise ToorCon 
reserves the right to tell all the other fellow hacker cons how you 
ditched out at the last minute and take it into consideration the next 
time you submit a talk :).

Location Information

This year's event will be held at the San Diego Convention Center. The
reception and conference will take place on September 29th-October 1st
in meeting rooms 24-26 at the San Diego Convention Center's (front)
upper level.

September 29th-October 1st, 2006
San Diego Convention Center
111 W. Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

Important Dates

June 6th, 2006: Official Call For Papers issued
July 28th, 2006: First round of selection announced
August 18th, 2006: Call for Papers closes
September 8th, 2006: Final material submission for collateral
September 29th, 2006: ToorCon 2006

Attend the Black Hat Briefings and
Training, Las Vegas July 29 - August 3
2,500+ international security experts from 40 nations,
10 tracks, no vendor pitches.

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