[ISN] China releases the 5th White Paper on national defense

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Date: Tue Jan 02 2007 - 00:35:41 PST


By Du Xiaodan

China has released its fifth white paper on national defense since 1998. 
The new document provides an overall defense situation in 2006 and the 
military's modernization drive over the last two years.

In 2006 the upgrading of a modern army for self-defense continued to be 
the priority for the Chinese military.

Defense authorities set the military's development as subject to the 
country's overall growth.

he 2006 defense budget reached 35 billion US dollars a 14% increase 
since the previous year.

However, comparing this figure to the overall finance expenditure, the 
defense budget is decreasing in proportion.

And in comparison with other major countries, China's defense budget 
doesn't appear appalling.

The white paper says the budget is equally distributed into three areas, 
for soldiers' life expenditure, training, and equipment.

To strengthen the military's defensive capability, China has been 
streamlining its army and upgrading military equipment.

In 2005, the PLA reduced its number to 2.3 million, by disarming 200,000 
soldiers. This means China has reduced 1.7 million military staff since 
mid 1980s.

Meanwhile, the army is modernizing its equipment to keep up with 
advanced information warfare. Scientific research and innovation are 
encouraged to enable the PLA safeguard national security and stability.

Chinese soldiers are also going beyond the national border. Under the 
command of the United Nations, China has sent nearly 6,000 military 
staff on global peacekeeping missions.

Some have sacrificed their lives for world peace.

The deepening international cooperation also saw increased bilateral and 
multilateral military exchanges.

In 2006, China's military cooperation with the United States, Europe and 
Asian countries has reached high levels.

Through platforms such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, China 
enhances its military cooperative mechanism.

War games also help strengthen mutual understanding, and the combat 

The white paper says China will continue to modernize its army for 
defensive purposes, to ensure the smooth development of the national 

China's defense policy never threatens another country, neither now nor 
in the future.

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