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Date: Tue Jan 02 2007 - 22:19:39 PST

Forwarded from: Jeff Moss <jmoss (at) blackhat.com>

Hello InfoSec News readers,

Here are some announcements from Black Hat to keep you busy in the new year!

- The Call for Papers and conference registration is now open for the Black Hat
  DC Training and Briefings.
- The Call for Papers and conference registration for Black Hat Europe in open.
- Presentations from Black Hat Japan are now on-line.
- Presentations including audio and video from Black Hat USA is now on-line.

Black Hat DC 2007 Briefings & Training will be February 26 to March 1, 
held at the Sheraton Crystal City hotel in Arlington Virginia.
Register early to take advantage of our early bird rate and save when 
you register for the Briefings before January 1st.
Papers and requests to speak will be received and reviewed from October 
1, 2006 until January 5, 2007. We strongly suggest that you submit 
earlier than later, since we will close the CFP early if we receive 
enough quality submissions to fill the slots. Please submit using the 
new on-line system at: https://cfp.blackhat.com/

If you want to submit to the Call for Papers please note Black Hat does 
not accept product or vendor related pitches, or voodoo. If your talk is 
a veiled advertisement for a new product or service your company is 
offering, please do not submit. If your talk relies on voodoo techniques 
or tools you are not willing to share, then you should rethink the 
benefit the audience will get from sitting through your presentation.

Black Hat is launching its new electronic CFP submissions server with 
this announcement. You will be able to upload your submissions, make 
changes, select your co-presenters, etc. This system will allow you to 
submit multiple presentations as well as be able to change your info 
should you need to. This new submission and review process will enable 
the future possibility of peer review and on-line information exchange. 
For now we are looking forward to seeing your submissions and would like 
to hear any feedback you have on this new submission process.

Topic Focus for Black Hat DC 2007:
We would like presenters to think about offensive and defensive computer 
security operations and the application of your expertise and research. 
Think about its application in an operational process that can be 
defensive or offense, large enterprise or distributed organized criminal 
group, military or civilian. This is not a requirement to submit, but we 
want some differentiation for the DC conference. Thinking in terms of 
operational applicability will steer content in a direction we hope the 
DC audience will appreciate.

Dates to Remember for Black Hat DC:
Call for Papers closes: January 5, 2007. <-- Extended to the 5th.
Early Bird registration rate ends December 31.
Regular registration rate ends February 18th.
More information regarding speaker requirements and our guidelines for this
years submissions available at http://www.blackhat.com/

Black Hat Europe 2007 Briefings & Training will be March 27 to March 30, 
held at the Hotel Movenpick in Amsterdam.

Dates to Remember for Black Hat Europe:
Call for Papers will open November 1, 2006 and close February 1st, 2007.
Registration will open November 1, 2006 and the Early Bird rate ends January 12, 2007.
On-line registration closes March 18, 2007.

Black Hat Japan 2006 Presentations are now available on-line!
Presentation topics available include: Anti-Forensic Root kits, The Art and
Science of Writing Secure Code, Hacking Intranet web sites from the Outside,
Breaking AJAX Web Applications, Subverting Vista Kernel and more! Audio of the
sessions will be encoded and added on-line in the next month as well.

We also have the presentation material from USA 2006 show on-line, and 
we anticipate we will have audio and video of the presentations 
available for download within the next month. To view the entire media 
archives: http://www.blackhat.com/html/bh-multimedia-archives-index.html

Black Hat USA Briefings audio and video are now available to download in 
an iPod friendly format:

The General Black Hat RSS feed:

Thank you,
Jeff Moss

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