[ISN] Supreme Court denies computer hacker's appeal

From: InfoSec News (alerts@private)
Date: Thu Jan 04 2007 - 22:44:10 PST


By The China Post staff

The Supreme Court denied on Wednesday an appeal of a computer hacker. 
PC-gamer Lee Chien-hui had challenged his 18-month prison sentence for 
wiping the computer file of a fellow player surmaed Chiang.

Lee was convicted for bodily assaulting Chiang and obstruction of his 
personal freedom, extortion, hacking, and erasing Chiang's private 
computer files. Considered heaviest of the five counts, the erasure of 
private computer files landed Lee a sentence of a year and six months 
behind bars.

Following a high-stakes loss in the role-playing game Lineage, Lee was 
called on to delete his account, as previously agreed upon, the China 
Times reported yesterday.

Lee balked, inciting irate cell phone messages from the winner, which he 
responded to by gathering cohorts and traveling to the winner's native 
Taichung. Lee and the others proceeded to assault the player with a 
motorcycle chain, forced him to reveal his gaming password, and wiped 
his account from the gaming server.

Complicit in the crimes are Hsu Liang-chi, who received a 1-year 
sentence; Wu Chung-han, 5-month sentence, 2-year suspension; Yang 
Cheng-Lung, 3-month sentence, 2-year suspension; and Chung Chun-yu, 
investigation pending.

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