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: By Matt Hines
: January 4, 2007
: Cisco Systems announced on Jan. 4 that it has agreed to buy IronPort, a
: provider of messaging and Web security appliances, for approximately
: $830 million.
: Cisco called the e-mail filtering and anti-spam technologies marketed by
: IronPort, based in San Bruno, Calif., a "natural extension" of its
: growing security portfolio. The company has made a significant push into
: the security space over the last several years, aggressively expanding
: its product lineup, which includes technologies such as firewalls and
: its NAC (Network Admission Control) authentication tools.
: The networking market leader said that IronPort's messaging security
: software and appliances will specifically complement its threat
: mitigation, secure communications, policy control and infrastructure
: management technologies.

Spamcop is now owned by a spam-friendly company, IronPort.
IronPort sells a "spamming appliance", with IP spoofing built in. See

Look at the spammer friendly features.  "Supports up to 256
outbound IP addresses", to get around netblocks.  "Sustained
delivery rates excess of 1 million messages per hour".

  The IronPort A60: The World's Leading Outbound Email Delivery Appliance

Maximum Performance and Features
The IronPort A60 is the flagship of the IronPort A-Series product line.
The IronPort A60 has massive performance, capable of sustained delivery
rates in excess of 1 million messages per hour. The IronPort A60 also has
a mail merge API that allows the system to render and deliver messages,
taking load off the database and increasing message delivery rates.

IronPort's Virtual Gateway technology allows a single IronPort to deliver
separate campaigns on unique IP addresses. This technology ensures that if
one campaign has a problem with less than perfect spam filters at
receiving ISPs, it won't impact other campaigns on separate Virtual
Gateways. Each IronPort A60 supports up to 256 unique outbound IP

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