[ISN] Domestic internet police call for firmer crackdown on cyber hackers

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Date: Tue Jan 09 2007 - 22:11:06 PST



HCM CITY -- Domestic internet police have called for tougher punishment 
of hackers who attack local networks, as an increasing number of 
computer viruses and attacks are seriously threatening the security of 
Viet Nams online community.

"The law is not strict and criticism from the public hasnt been strong 
enough," Nguyen Tu Quang, director of the network security centre BKIS 
at Ha Noi University of Technologies, said.

Several IT groups in Viet Nam ranked the rise of local viruses and 
hacking as one of the top 10 information technology problems last year. 
And yet current law penalises violators through fines only.

Last year, many commercial websites and government websites were hacked, 
but many hackers discovered were only given light fines, according to 
the Ministry of Public Security.

Nguyen The Dong, director of network security company Athena said more 
than 50 viruses originating in Viet Nam spread through Yahoo Chat, 
affecting 250,000 computers in the country last year.

"The computer viruses and illegal attacks would rise dramatically in 
2007," Dong said.

His prediction stemmed from the fact that about 25 per cent of 
Vietnamese websites are vulnerable to hacker attacks.

"Website administrators must be more professional. We can catch and fine 
local hackers, but not foreign hackers. Organisations and companies 
suffer losses because of this," Quang added.

Viet Nam is increasing co-operation with international network security 
organisations to restrict and control attacks from outside the country.

The Ministry of Public Security has asked the Government to amend the 
law by increasing the penalties, including prison sentences for 

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