[ISN] Attend Black Hat DC February 26-March 1 2007 in Washington, DC

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Date: Wed Jan 10 2007 - 22:35:42 PST


Black Hat DC, February 26-March 1 in Washington, DC, is the DC version 
of Black Hat, the world's premier technical event for IT security 
experts. Featuring 10 hands-on training courses and 30 Briefings 
presentations with lots of new content-the best of Black Hat.  Network 
with 300 delegates and see solutions from 10 major sponsors.  

About Black Hat

The Black Hat Briefings brings together a unique mix in security: the 
best minds from government agencies and global corporations with the 
most respected independent researchers and hackers. These forums take 
place regularly in Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Washington D.C. The 
opportunity to network with peers and leading-edge practitioners is 
unique. Topics are diverse and range from RFID Security, Windows Vista 
Exploits, Forensics and Anti-Forensics, Root-Kits, Zero Day 
Vulnerabilities, Anomaly Detection, Hardware Hacking and much more. 
Topics can also apply to the offensive initiatives of a group such as a 
pen test team or vulnerability researchers.

Black Hat Training provides hands-on experience of the newest security 
threats and countermeasures. Courses include application security, 
assessment methodologies, computer forensics, root-kit technology, 
software vulnerability analysis, managerial and systems administration. 
Black Hat has trained security experts from a large and diverse range of 
government and corporate organizations. Training courses often precede 
our Briefings in Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Washington D.C., so 
there are plenty of chances to attend during the year.

Black Hat differentiates itself by working at many levels within the 
corporate, security and computer underground communities. This unmatched 
informational reach enables Black Hat to be continuously aware of the 
newest vulnerabilities, defense mechanisms, and industry trends. As 
technology advancements occur at rates that make existing security 
practices outdated, Black Hat Think Tank research provides a vision into 
future security practices by identifying industry trends before they 

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