[ISN] Law to take due course on Vinh Long's student hacker

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Date: Sun Jan 14 2007 - 22:30:09 PST



HA NOI -- Twelfth grader Bui Minh Tri, who broke into secured domestic 
computer networks of organisations should be punished to full extent of 
the law, investigators said, after finishing their probe into the case 
this week.

The Ministry of Public Securitys Economic Criminal Investigation Agency 
in co-ordination with their colleagues in Vinh Long, Tris home province, 
found that the youngster hacked into the Ministry of Education and 
Training (MoET)s website in November of 2006.

Police reported that Tri intentionally ran riot through web sites, 
destroyed data and installed a virus in the host computer of the MoETs 
IT Centre.

The investigators said they used information recovered from the 
Internet, the centres host computer and from recovered data from the 
hard drive of Tris home computer to track down the teenager.

Tri had used the web name Guanya to attack the site through a worm hole 
in their software, once inside he then illegally accessed the database 
of the host computer to deface the site. Upon leaving he installed 
software that would allow him to gain entry into the central computer 
when he wished.

Investigative police went on to say that, Tri caused damage to other 
sites including www.vnmedia.vn and www.hssv.vnn.vn. Police were 
concerned that local newspapers had praised Tri for providing a public 
service by showcasing how lax security was on computer networks.

On Thursday, Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Thien Nhan, 
visited the Nguyen Binh Khiem Gifted Senior Secondary School where Tri 
is a student.

Nhan asked the school and the boys family to help him recognise his 
faults and to discourage the gifted child from making poor choices in 
the future.

Tri who had already confessed to the crimes, violated the Prime 
Ministers Decree 55/CP on Internet management and use. He will be fined 
VND10 million by the provincial Post and Telecommunication Department 
earlier this month. -- VNS

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