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United Arab Emirates
January 15, 2007

Hack In The Box (M) Sdn Bhd has announced that for the second time, it 
will be bringing some of the worlds' leading network security 
researchers to the Middle East.

HITBSecConf2007 - Dubai will take place at The Sheraton Creek from the 
2nd till the 5th of April 2007.

This hacking and network security conference will feature over 20 of the 
world's leading network security specialists who will be conducting 4 
tracks of technical training sessions on the 2nd and 3rd of April. 
Topics for the training sessions include Advance Web Application 
Security, Tactical VoIP: Applied VoIPhreaking, Structured Network Threat 
Analysis and Forensics and Packetmastering the Monkey Way.

This training will then be followed by two days of deep knowledge 
network security presentations with topics ranging from vulnerability 
assessment, new attack vectors, defense methodologies, and the latest 
computer and network security technologies.

In addition, there will also be a live hacking competition known 
popularly as Capture The Flag. The competition is an attack-only game 
which sees teams or individuals tasked with attacking into prepared 
servers in order to retrieve marked files or flags on these target 

'We are honoured to be able to bring these experts to the Middle East to 
share their experience and knowledge with the public. This is indeed a 
rare opportunity for attendees to meet and hear first-hand from some of 
the leading minds in the field of computer security,' said Dhillon 
Andrew Kannabhiran, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hack In The 
Box (M) Sdn. Bhd.

'We also hope that by bringing the HITBSecConf series to Dubai, 
Malaysian technology companies who are already doing business or plan to 
venture into the region will participate in showcasing home-grown 
Malaysian based technologies. We feel this is also an ideal opportunity 
for vendors not only within the Middle East but from the ASEAN region to 
expand their reach into new markets and at the same time share their own 
expertise and experience with the public,' he added.

Industry-acclaimed keynote speakers

The conference keynote speakers for HITBSecConf2007 - Dubai will feature 
Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer for F-Secure Corporation and Mr. 
Lance Spitzner, Founder of the HoneyNet research project.

Mikko Hypponen has been analysing viruses since 1991 and has consulted 
several high-profile organizations on computer security issues, 
including IBM, Microsoft, FBI, US Secret Service, Interpol and the 
Scotland Yard. Mr. Hypponen led the team that infiltrated the Slapper 
worm attack network in 2002, took down the world-wide network used by 
the Sobig.F worm in 2003 and was the first to warn the world about the 
Sasser outbreak in 2004.

Hypponen's keynote titled 'Online Crime and Crime Online' deals the 
subject of criminal gangs, botnets and phishing scams. "In my 
presentation I will be going behind the scenes to show who's really 
responsible for the network attacks, who's launching the phishing scams, 
who runs the botnets and who's making all the money! We've been 
following different criminal gangs online for years and now is the time 
to show what we've learned,' said Mr. Hypponen.

Spitzner is considered a leader in the field of honeypot research. He 
invented and developed the concept of honeynets, is the author of the 
book "Honeypots: Tracking Hackers", co-author of "Know Your Enemy: 2nd 
Edition", and has published over fifty security whitepapers and 
articles. He is founder of the Honeynet Project; a global, non-profit 
security research organization that captures, analyzes, and shares 
information on cyber threats at no cost to the public.

He has worked with numerous organizations around the world, including 
NSA, FIRST, the Pentagon, the FBI Academy and the President's Advisory 
Board. His work has also been documented on CNN, BBC, NPR, and in the 
Wall Street Journal.

In his keynote 'Honeypots: Today and Tomorrow', Spitzner will speak on 
the past, present and future of Honeypots and Honeypot technologies.

'Honeypots are a powerful and widely-used but misunderstood technology. 
Almost everyone has benefited from honeypot use, but few may realize it. 
In my keynote I will give attendees a look at the history, evolution and 
use of honeypots over the past 10 years. I will also focus on the state 
of honeypot technology today and where honeypots will go in the future,' 
said Mr. Spitzner.

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