[ISN] Botnet herders face jailtime

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Date: Tue Jan 16 2007 - 22:33:11 PST


By Tom Sanders in California
17 Jan 2007

Authorities are seeking jailterms of up to 3 years against two botnet 
operators who alleged to have commanded a network of 1.5m computers.

The 20 and 29 year old Dutch male suspects are accused of to have 
constructing two viruses that were set free on the internet. The Toxbot 
worm was used to recruit a worldwide network of zombie PCs on which they 
installed adware software. They deployed the Wayphisher worm to steal 
credit card information and account information for online banks.

The operation netted an estimated total of 60,000 over a period of 6 

The Dutch public attorney is seeking a three years jail term for the 
20-year-old. His accomplice is facing a maximum jail term of two years.

The two have consistently denied all charges, according to local media 
reports. Evidence however has been gathered from the accused computers, 
witness statements as well as wire taps on the suspect's internet 
connections and phone lines.

Dutch authorities as a rule don't release the identity of suspects. Four 
more individuals are awaiting trial in the case, including the alleged 
22-year-old ring leader.

The last is also facing charges from the FBI for launching a denial of 
service attack against the Zango adware network. He is believed to have 
undertaken the attack in retaliation for the company's refusal to pay 
affiliate fees for the adware installations on the computers that were 
under the group's control.

Zango earlier filed a legal complaint against the man for violating its 
policies, but has since dropped the charges to allow the FBI case to 

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