[ISN] Stolen computer tattles; tip leads to drug arrests

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Date: Tue Jan 23 2007 - 22:21:14 PST


January 23, 2007

A computer with the ability to report itself stolen was the key to a 
methamphetamine bust, Des Moines police said.

Loree Wilson, 37, said someone broke into her home in the 5100 block of 
Oaklynn Drive on Dec. 28 and took electronics, a shotgun and jewelry.

A laptop computer taken in the burglary was equipped with an anti-theft 
feature that lets it phone home when plugged in by an unauthorized user, 
investigators said.

The software, purchased with the Compaq Presario laptop, uses a third 
party to monitor the wherabouts of stolen computers. A growing number of 
technology suppliers sell such security products.

Police used Internet access records from a separate company to zero in 
on a house at 5435 N.W. Torgerson Drive, north of the city, Friday.

Police noticed security cameras around the house, so some officers went 
around back, in time to apprehend Richard Gist Jr., 30, who was leaving 
by the back door.

By the time Gist was seated in a chair, handcuffed and surrounded by 
detectives, there was a knock. It was Daniel Garcia-Alcantar, 35, of Des 

"We told him to come on in and found about a pound of ice - a form of 
methamphetamine - in his pocket," Detective Craig Hamilton said. "Talk 
about your bad timing."

Police said they found wads of cash in a wall safe and more illegal 
drugs in the house. The amount in Garcia-Alcantar's pocket, officials 
said, would have likely fetched $20,000 on the street.

Gist and Garcia-Alcantar are charged with meth trafficking. Gist's bond 
was set at $350,000; Garcia-Alcantar's at $270,000. Both were still in 
jail Monday.

Another occupant of the house, Tiffany Stockbauer, 23, is charged with 
exercising control over stolen property.

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