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SpamHaus - Irresponsible Net Citizens

I think in general that spam blocking databases are a good thing. I am 
as frustrated with spam as the next person. However, I think SpamHaus is 
irresponsible in the service they provide for the simple reason that 
they abuse their power and refuse to implement levels of granularity in 
their database. For example, right now my organization the Terrorism 
Research Center is being blocked by SpamHaus. We┬╣ve operated on the same 
single static IP address for five years and we have never had a 
complaint against our IP address with SpamHaus. So why are we being 
blocked? Because according to SpamHaus we live in a bad Internet 
neighborhood and should be blocked because another IP address in our 
same subnet sent a direct mailing for Staples.  Instead of just blocking 
the IP address engaging in spamming, they are blocking the whole subnet!

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