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Date: Thu Feb 01 2007 - 22:15:07 PST

Forwarded from: Mark Anderson <mark.anderson (at) whitedust.net>

Whitedust.net is the leading source of unbiased, uncut security news and 
articles. In September 2007, Whitedust will be running the first annual 
Black & White Ball in London. Presented in a unique two track format, 
The Ball will run for 4 days - the first two bringing the latest in 
hacker techniques and attacks, the last two presenting the cutting-edge 
of security defence mechanisms and stategies.

   More information at http://www.theblackandwhiteball.co.uk/

The Ball will present the latest research in information security, 
network penetration, malware generation, hacker methologies, 0-day 
attacks, forensic and anti-forensic methods. Bringing together the 
leading minds from both the White Hat sphere (CSO's, Programmers, 
Security Architects) and the Black Hat sphere (hackers, crackers, virus 
writers, digital miscreants), the Ball will provide a unique venue to 
pit the best of the best against the rest.

Black Hat Track

Are you a kung-fu master? Have you control of all things networked? Do 
you dream in core dumps? If you are a hacker with something new, 
something exciting then we want to hear from you. We will bow at your 
feet as you astonish us with your god-like powers of memory corruption 
and IDS evasion.

Of particular interest in the Black Hat track are talks covering the 
following topics...

    * Firewall/IDS Evasion
    * Privacy and Anonymity
    * Malware Generation and Deployment
    * 0-Day Attacks

White Hat Track

Are you conducting corporate security research? Developing the next 
generation of security appliance? Or maybe have some exciting security 
research findings to share? Then the White Hat track is for your talk. 
Here we will showcase the latest techniques and methodologies for 
security defense and protection. If you have something worth sharing, 
then read on and submit an abstract below.

Of particular interest to the White Hat track are talks covering the 
following topics...

    * Application Security
    * Policy, Management and the Law
    * Forensics
    * 0-Day Defense
    * Malware defense

The lists above are only a guideline on talks of interest. If you think 
you have an interesting presention that doesn't fit into the above 
Black/White lists, make sure you still fill in the form below anyway and 
we'll see where you fit in.

Special Interest

Of particular interest to us and our audience are breakthrough 
presentations that demonstrate new and innovative techniques. We are 
seeking out the cutting edge of both sides of the digital cold war. Have 
you been hacking RFID's? Reverse engineering smartcards? If your talk is 
ground-breaking, make sure you get that across in your submission - make 
us sit up and pay attention. 


    * February 1st - CFP released to general public
    * March 1st - Main site goes live
    * April 30th - Final speakers confirmed and announced
    * May 1st - Registration opens
    * August 1st - All speaker presentations, files, videos, documents, 
      etc. to be submitted
    * September 3rd - Final presentation changes accepted.
    * September 25th - The Black & White Ball - Black day #1
    * September 26th - The Black & White Ball - Black day #2
    * September 27th - The Black & White Ball - White day #1
    * September 28th - The Black & White Ball - White day #2 

General Guidelines & Notes

1. Lets get this clear up front - if your submission falls into the 
   'thinly-veiled advertisement' category then it will be rejected 
   immediately. Don't waste your time.

2. Pick a suitable track (either White Hat or Black Hat) that you think 
   your talk fits best into.

3. Understand the time constraints that will be put on your talk - it 
   must fill 75 minutes including audience participation, Q&A, etc. If 
   your talk is likely to take significantly more or less time, then 
   still submit but make sure to include the estimated time length.

4. Remember that the more inventive and technical your talk, the better 
   chance it will have to really get our attention. Speakers will be 
   contacted if there are any questions about their submitted talk. You 
   can, of course, continue to develop and modify your talk between your 
   submission date and the actual event. However we will require copies 
   of any tools presented and full copies of all presentation materials 
   before the due date, at which time they will be frozen to CD for 
   distribution to audience members.

5. If your talk references any RFC's, whitepapers, tools, etc. we will 
   need copies of all materials, as the audience will benefit from 
   everything being in one place. Assume that the audience is of a high 
   technical level, some will be hackers themselves, others will be 
   corporate CSO's.

6. All speakers are expected to actually attend the Ball in order to 
   meet and talk with ticket holders. Original content that hasn't been 
   presented before will get our full attention and ensure you are 
   picked to speak.

7. We will provide all the basic equipment necessary for you to present 
   your talk - a laptop to drive presentations, LCD projectors, 
   microphones, network access, etc. However if your talk requires 
   specialist equipment (routers, firewalls, software, etc) then you 
   will be asked to source these yourself.

Speaker Compensation

If you are selected to speak at the Whitedust Black & White Ball you 
will receive a speaking fee of 500 (GB Str), one round-trip coach class 
airfare and one hotel room for three nights at a hotel convenient to the 
venue. In addition, every speaker will receive a full access ticket to 
the event allowing them access to any of the White Hat or Black Hat 
talks, this ticket is non-transferable.

In order to ensure an unbiased and frank atmosphere, we are unable to 
accept talks from people currently employed by any sponsors of the 

The Whitedust Team.

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