[ISN] Security Researchers to Release Nine Tools and Four Vulnerabilities at Black Hat DC 2007

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Security Researchers to Release Nine Tools and Four Vulnerabilities at 
Black Hat DC 2007 Beginning February 28th

Jim Christy of the Department of Defense to Keynote on Cyber Crime and 
the Power of Digital Forensics

Seattle, Wash. -- February 20, 2007 -- Black Hat, a digital security 
division of CMP, today announced the final agenda for the Black Hat DC 
2007 Briefings on February 28 - March 1, 2007 at the Sheraton Crystal 
City in Arlington, Virginia. The Briefings will attract over 300 digital 
security experts, bringing together a unique mix of federal agents, 
corporate security professionals, and independent hackers.

Special Agent (Ret) Jim Christy, Director, Futures Exploration, 
Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center, will open the conference by 
discussing Cyber Crime and the Power of Digital Forensics. Following the 
keynote, sessions will break into four tracks over two days covering new 
information in hardware, forensics, enterprise, and software. During 
these sessions, renowned security researchers will release nine tools 
and four new vulnerabilities. The schedule is available at 

The Black Hat Briefings have a strong emphasis on forensics, root kits, 
reverse engineering, and malware classification, said Special Agent 
(Ret) Jim Christy. These areas of expertise are very important for 
incident responders and forensic technicians.

We are seeing a increase in the number of 0days security vulnerabilities 
researchers are finding, said Jeff Moss, founder of Black Hat. New tools 
and vectors demonstrated at Black Hat DC will help you to secure your 
own information in a hostile environment. Highlights include Cesar 
Cerrudo, Robert Graham and David Maynor, Joanna Rutkowska, and Amichai 

* Cesar Cerrudo from Argentina will show a technique to identify 0day 
  vulnerabilities in a few minutes. While this technique can be applied 
  to any software, he will look at the latest version of Oracle Database 
  Server: 10gR2 for Windows to uncover a new vulnerability.

* Robert Graham and David Maynor from the U.S. will demonstrate how to 
  use a new tool to identify useful information leaking out of laptops, 
  PDAs, and Internetenabled phones.

* Joanna Rutkowska from Poland will demonstrate how to cheat hardware 
  based RAM acquisition tools without a system reboot. Her technique has 
  been designed and implement to work against AMD64 based systems, but 
  does not rely on hardware vitalization extensions.

* Amichai Shulman from the U.S. will discuss new vulnerabilities located 
  within database communication protocols and demonstrate a new tool to 
  help find these vulnerabilities.

* John Heasman from the UK will show how to use devices on the PCI bus 
  to install a root kit that has no footprint on disk and can 
  consequently survive reinstallation of the operating system and 

* Kris Kendall, Chris Paget, Nick Petroni Jr. of the US, Paul Vincent 
  Sabanal of the Philippines, Michael Sutton of Canada, and Ollie 
  Whitehouse of the UK will also be releasing new security tools.

About Black Hat (http://www.blackhat.com) 

Black Hat, a digital security division of CMP, provides briefings and 
training to leading corporations and government agencies around the 
world. Black Hat differentiates itself by working at many levels within 
the corporate, government, and underground communities. This unmatched 
informational reach enables Black Hat to be continuously aware of the 
newest vulnerabilities, defense mechanisms, and industry trends. The 
Black Hat team has experience working with organizations such as Amazon, 
Microsoft, and the NSA. Black Hat Briefings and Trainings are held 
annually in Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Tokyo, and Washington DC.

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