[ISN] National Bolsheviks ousted from Runet

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Date: Tue Feb 27 2007 - 00:21:50 PST



For several days now the National Bolsheviks web-page www.nbp-info.ru 
hasnt been operating. The Bolsheviks (or "limonovsti" as they call 
themselves) say the FSB is behind the attack. IT experts do not share 
the view.

The website was hacked on February 21st and it is still out if service. 
Eduard Limonovs party representatives say a distributed 
denial-of-service attack (DDoS) has been conducted by the FSB. They say 
the number of attacking computers exceeds 120 thousand. The partys 
spokesman Alexander Averin claims the queries to the server, which is in 
Germany, come from Russia and the neighboring countries, the Netherlands 
and South Korea. He added there had been no such massive attacks on a 
web resource so far.

IT experts doubt FSB is behind the attack. No Trojan attacks on the 
National Bolsheviks resources have been registered lately, Kaspersky 
Laboratory say. This is most likely a DDoS attack. No particular bot was 
found, from which the attack was conducted. That is why the hackers 
probably used an existing bot-network. Somebody could just receive an 
order and conduct the attack from an existing bot.

Kaspersky Laboratory believe it is impossible to trace the orderer. 
However we are pretty sure FSB is not behind the attack. Why would they 
use such methods? No attacks on their behalf have been registered so 

This month saw attacks on such websites as the Movement against Illegal 
Immigration, under more the dpni.org and dpni2.org websites. The 
developments might be connected to back-to-back attacks on behalf of the 
nationalist and anti-fascist movements in Russia. Websites of the youth 
Nashi and Molodoya Gvardiya movements had also been out of service for 
some time. The dpni.org website was hacked not long ago. The United 
Russia website image was installed on former dpni.org, while the real 
United Russia website could be found on www.edinros.ru.

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