[ISN] Lock expert shows how to defeat a secure lock at HITBSecConf2007 Dubai

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Date: Mon Mar 05 2007 - 22:32:32 PST


By Lara Lynn Golden
News Editor
March 04, 2007

Mechanical Lock Expert, Marc Weber Tobias will be in Dubai next month 
presenting a paper at the UAE's first deep-knowledge network security 
conference; HITBSecConf2007 - Dubai.

Marc has been one of the primary spokesmen in the United States 
regarding methods of bypass of mechanical locks and has appeared in 
hundreds of publications and media interviews discussing this topic. He 
was Assistant Attorney General and Chief of the Organized Crime Unit in 
South Dakota and also conducted internal investigations for the Office 
of Governor between 1974 and 2002.

Marc has written five police textbooks and has lectured extensively on 
security, criminal investigations and interrogation techniques. He has 
also been one of the leading advocates for truth in advertising by lock 
manufacturers and thinks that there should be clear warnings so that the 
consumer understands the risks from certain forms of attack and the lack 
of protection that many locks offer. His paper at HITBSecConf2007 - 
Dubai is titled 'Opened in Ten Seconds: The Insecurity of Mechanical 
Locks' and discusses the compromise of mechanical pin tumbler locks and 
how their weaknesses can affect the security of almost every physical 

'Lock manufacturers have not been advising their customers of the 
inherent risks that present serious security issues that can threaten 
the safety and security of every person that relies on their locks. Many 
mechanical pin tumbler locks are inherently insecure and can be opened 
in seconds with little skill, training or tools. Anyone that has the 
responsibility for physical security must understand the primary methods 
to covertly attack mechanical cylinders and what constitutes a true high 
security lock. It is also critically important for IT professionals to 
understand physical security issues because locks protect their entire 

Tobias 'Some high security lock manufacturers' claim that their products 
are immune to bumping and other forms of covert entry techniques. 'They 
either do not know the vulnerabilities of their products or are 
misrepresenting the capability to compromise their cylinders.' Tobias 
acknowledges that even some cylinders that carry high security ratings 
by standards organizations may not be as secure as their buyers might 

'This will be the first time that we're having a physical-security 
presentation at our conference and we're happy to have one of the 
world's leading experts in this field speaking at our event', said 
Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Hack 
in The Box.

'We hope that members from the police and law enforcement not only in 
Dubai but in and around the GCC will take this opportunity to come and 
meet with Marc and learn more about these real world security issues 
first hand', said Kannabhiran.

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