[ISN] STRATCOM wants to take cyberwar to enemy

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WASHINGTON, March 21 (UPI) -- The head of U.S. Strategic Command said 
Wednesday the United States is under daily attack in cyberspace and he 
wants to take a more offensive stance.

"Our freedom to use cyberspace is threatened by the actions of 
criminals, terrorists, and nations alike," said Marine Gen. "Hoss" 
Cartwright in written testimony to the House armed Services Committee. 
"The magnitude of cost in terms of real dollars dedicated to defensive 
measures, lost intellectual capital and fraud cannot be overestimated, 
making these attacks a matter of great national interest. Unlike the 
air, land and sea domains, we lack dominance in cyberspace and could 
grow increasingly vulnerable if we do not fundamentally change how we 
view this battlespace."

Cartwright said U.S. Strategic Command, which takes the military lead in 
cyberspace, has focused mostly on networked defense -- firewalls, 
anti-virus protections, and vulnerability scanning.

"These measures are marginally effective against sophisticated 
adversaries. History teaches us that a purely defensive posture poses 
significant risks," Cartwright said. "If we apply the principle of 
warfare to the cybe domain ... we realize the defense of the nation is 
better served by capabilities enabling us to take the fight to our 
adversaries when necessary to deter actions detrimental to our 

He said STRATCOM will seek Congress' help in "penetrating" the 
adversary's "technical, legal and international screens" and taking an 
offensive rather than a purely defensive tack against cyber-enemies.

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