[ISN] Assurance Provider: Designing a Roadmap for Information Security

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By Harrison Donnelly
Military Information Technology
Volume: 11  Issue: 2
Published: March 08, 2007

Interview with Daniel G. Wolf
Director, Information Assurance Directorate National Security Agency

Daniel G. Wolf is director of the Information Assurance (IA) Directorate 
at the National Security Agency (NSA), where he has the responsibility 
for defining and implementing the information assurance strategy to 
protect the Global Information Grid (GIG) and all the associated 
programs. Through ongoing contact with NSAs customers, he ensures that 
the IA programs of the NSA continue to evolve to meet the challenges of 
their current and future requirements for secure communications and 
networks, providing IA technical consulting services and high-assurance 
products to the nation.

Wolf has served in a variety of technical and analytic organizations 
within NSA for the past 38 years. Prior to his appointment as IA 
director, he was the Directorates deputy. Other NSA assignments include 
chief of the Technical Support Group (1994-1997), and chief of an 
Analytic Support Group in the Operations Directorate (1997-2000). As 
leader for both organizations, he was responsible for providing 
time-critical information to national and worldwide military leaders.

A 1967 graduate of Case Institute of Technology, with a Bachelor of 
Science degree in electrical engineering, Wolf received a Master of 
Science degree in electrical engineering (computer systems) from the 
University of Maryland in 1978.

Wolf was interviewed by MIT Editor Harrison Donnelly.


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