[ISN] Security tops DuPont chief's concerns

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Date: Tue Jun 26 2007 - 23:13:04 PDT


By Nicole Gaudiano
News Journal Washington Bureau
June 26, 2007

WASHINGTON -- DuPont Chairman Charles O. Holliday Jr. worries most about 
a broad computer systems failure or a security breach at one of the 
company's chemical plants around the world.

During a presentation Monday at the National Press Club on industry risk 
management, Holliday said a new analysis of industry security threats 
revealed there are "just hundreds of types of risks we could have" but 
that a systems failure and security breach would be the most serious for 
the Wilmington-based chemical giant.

"I feel very comfortable that we've taken all the reasonable steps, but 
obviously if someone wants to fly an airplane into a plant, it's very 
hard to guard against it," said Holliday, who chairs the nonprofit, 
nonpartisan Council on Competitiveness.

Holliday and several other executives met on Capitol Hill and at the 
Department of Commerce to discuss tactics to keep businesses running 
during disasters and expanding the definition of homeland security to 
emphasize economic resilience.

The council's new report, "Transform -- The Resilient Economy: 
Integrating Competitiveness and Security," calls on policymakers and 
private sector leaders to consider economic competitiveness as they 
respond to threats.

Efforts to regulate security have been incremental and sector-specific, 
but such regulations could become a "regulatory tsunami if a major 
attack occurs and industry has not taken the necessary steps to ensure 
its resilience," the report warns.

Holliday said DuPont holds at least three training exercises per year on 
some security issue and employees examine on a daily basis external 
events that could affect the company.

"The idea of being able to list everything that could happen and be 
prepared for each one is just not practical," he said.

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