[ISN] Salary survey: Be a CSO and get rich

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Date: Mon Jul 02 2007 - 23:10:49 PDT


By Denise Dubie

CSOs are seeing the most significant increases in pay this year, while 
IT professionals in general are experiencing minor increases in 
compensation, according to a new survey.

Janco, a management consulting firm, revealed in its mid-year salary 
survey that on average CSOs earned more than 8% over last year's 
compensation figures, growing their total compensation from $141,154 to 
$152,563. New! Watch this Network World Webcast - Security Information 
Management Solutions: Beyond Threat Management

"CSOs are in high demand in enterprise of all sizes as shown by hiring 
demand and overall increases in compensation," the report reads.

The survey also found that executive IT professionals in large 
enterprises earn $143,243 on average, while those in mid-sized companies 
bring home $127,439 annually. Janco defines large enterprises as those 
having more then $500 million in revenue and mid-sized enterprises as 
those with between $100 million and $499 million in revenue.

For all positions surveyed, the mean total compensation started to move 
up just slightly at less than 1% in the last 12 months. In mid-sized 
enterprises the mean total compensation fell less than 1% from $75,096 
to $74,806, but in large enterprises the survey found total compensation 
increased by close to 2% from $81,078 to $82,498.

Total compensation for CIOs remained flat across all enterprise 
companies, generally between $174,979 and $169,504. Yet the mean 
compensation for CIOs in large enterprises increased by close to 5% from 
$169,601 to $177,433, the survey found.

While hiring is slowing in large enterprises, positions will begin to 
open at mid-sized enterprises, Janco predicts, as fourth quarter 
compensation within those companies indicates demand is growing. Janco 
says there is demand for those with skills in networking, voice, 
wireless, Internet, data security and data warehousing technologies.

"Hiring is up across the nation as companies begin to focus on business 
expansion," said Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Janco, in a company press 

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