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Date: Tue Jul 03 2007 - 22:31:07 PDT

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: By Jeremy Kirk
: IDG news service
: 29 June 2007
: A hacker has successfully attacked a web page within Microsoft UK 
: domain, resulting in the display of a photograph of a child waving the 
: flag of Saudi Arabia.
: It was "unfortunate" that the site was vulnerable, said Roger Halbheer, 
: chief security advisor for Microsoft in Europe, the Middle East and 
: Africa.

And lest we forget history, this isn't the first time Microsoft has been 
hit. Worse, this isn't the first time for Microsoft UK. And poor 
Halbheer, I wonder how long he's been in that position..


Check Zone-H for Microsoft defacements after these.

: SQL injection attacks are on the rise, overall, since valuable data is 
: held within databases, said Paul Davie, founder and chief operating 
: officer of Secerno, a security vendor that develops technology to 
: protect databases from SQL attacks.
: "I don't think Microsoft are unique in this respect and shouldn't be 
: held up as particularly slipshod," Davie said. "This could have happened 
: to practically anybody."

If Microsoft can't stop SQL injection, how are customers to trust more 
complex vulnerabilities like those overflow thingies or memory 

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