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Security UPDATE--WabiSabiLabi: A Really Bad Idea?--July 18, 2007


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IN FOCUS: WabiSabiLabi: A Really Bad Idea?

   - Survey Says Pay for Certifications Is Dropping, Except in Security
   - Google Adds Security to Its Hosted Application Offerings
   - Recent Security Vulnerabilities

   - Security Matters Blog: Microsoft's Malware Removal Starter Kit
   - FAQ: Preparing Exchange Server 2007 For Active Directory
   - From the Forum: Problems with Symantec Anti-Virus Corp. 10.2
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   - Microsoft Learning Paths for Security: Managing Network Security 

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=== IN FOCUS: WabiSabiLabi: A Really Bad Idea? =============
   by Mark Joseph Edwards, News Editor, mark at ntsecurity / net

About a month ago, I wrote about a new twist in the world of 
vulnerability research in which Intellectual Weapons announced that 
it's offering to work with researchers to develop fixes for security 
vulnerabilities and then patent those fixes. The idea is to profit 
through the sale of patent rights or infringement case settlements. If 
you missed that column you can read it at the URL below:

By now you probably know that other companies, such as 3Com and 
iDefense, also have programs that pay researchers for vulnerability 
information. In those two programs, discoverers receive cash for their 
hard work, and 3Com and iDefense earn income too by selling the 
information to their network of customers in one fashion or another. 
This month yet another company, Switzerland-based WabiSabiLabi (at the 
URL below), entered the mix by offering an auction platform for 
vulnerabilities. Researchers submit their vulnerabilities for sale in 
one of four auction formats (traditional, dutch, buy now, and buy 
exclusively) and if the vulnerability sells, then the researcher earns 
money and WabiSabiLabi earns its cut too. 

Reaction to the auction has been mixed. Some people think it's an 
incredibly bad idea because there's no telling who might actually buy a 
vulnerability. Although WabiSabiLabi says that it will diligently work 
to verify the identity of a buyer, that's no real guarantee because a 
real bad guy could easily use a front man to do the buying. 

Furthermore, WabiSabiLabi leaves it up to the discoverer to inform any 
particular vendor affected by a vulnerability. This too is another 
cited bad aspect of the auction site. With this policy, WabiSabiLabi is 
basically standing behind "traditional Swiss neutrality", as it openly 

So far, WabiSabiLabi has four vulnerabilities posted for sale, one each 
for Yahoo! Instant Messenger, SquirrelMail GPG Plugin, Pidgin Instant 
Messenger, and the Linux kernel. As was pointed out by Montasano 
Security on its company blog, the nature of GPG problem can be 
discovered by anyone well-versed in PHP code analysis. And, someone 
already publicly posted an exploit for the Linux kernel problem. So 
half of WabiSabiLabi's auction items are already mostly worthless in 
terms of cash value. And the Linux kernel exploit clearly points out 
that WabiSabiLabi is already having a negative effect on overall system 
security around the globe. 

According to a statement in a company press release, "[WabiSabiLabi] 
decided to set up this portal for selling security research because 
although there are many researchers out there who discover 
vulnerabilities very few of them are able or willing to report it to 
the right people due to the fear of being exploited."

What I don't completely understand is why any company would willingly 
pay developers to write code and to put that code through some amount 
of quality assurance testing yet be totally unwilling to pay an 
outsider who found significant problems with that code ? especially 
security problems. A solution to this long-time standoff would be to 
form a new group whose member companies would be willing to pay anyone 
for vulnerability information as long as acceptable disclosure policies 
were maintained by the discoverers ? basically like 3Com and iDefense 
are already doing except with widespread vendor participation.

I do support the need for security researchers to be compensated for 
their hard work, and it's troubling that many vendors can't bring 
themselves to pay independent researchers. Nevertheless I don't see how 
WabiSabiLabi is an effective solution. It'll be interesting to watch 
over time to see if people continue to neutralize WabiSabiLabi by 
revealing the nature of the vulnerabilities that it tries to sell.

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Survey Says Pay for Certifications Is Dropping, Except in Security
   New survey results show that the premium base pay for those having 
various certifications hasn't increased over the past six months, 
unless the certification was in the area of security.

Google Adds Security to Its Hosted Application Offerings
   Google took another leap forward, adding security to its hosted 
application offerings by entering into a deal to acquire email security 
firm Postini.

Recent Security Vulnerabilities
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SECURITY MATTERS BLOG: Microsoft's Malware Removal Starter Kit
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Microsoft published a new toolkit to help small and medium businesses 
remove malware from infected systems.

FAQ: Preparing Exchange Server 2007 For Active Directory
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Q: How do I manually prepare my AD forest and domain for Exchange Serve 

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FROM THE FORUM: Problems with Symantec Anti-Virus Corp. 10.2
   (Two messages in this thread)
A forum participant writes that anytime he tries to install anything on 
his server, including patches, upgrades, new programs, etc., the 
installation process causes the server to hang to the point that it 
becomes unresponsive and he then has to reboot the system. If he 
disables all of the Symantec services then installations work fine. He 
wants to know if anyone has ideas why this happens? 

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