[ISN] PatchLink born again as Lumension Security

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Date: Tue Sep 11 2007 - 22:33:23 PDT


By John E. Dunn
11 September 2007

Patch management company PatchLink is no more, but its demise is not bad 
news. The company has changed its name to Lumension Security.

Formed from a cross between the word 'luminescence' and the phrase 'new 
dimension', Lumensions birth probably became inevitable last June on the 
day PatchLink merged with Luxembourg-based SecureWave. Up to that point, 
PatchLink had been a well-known software patch management company. After 
that point, given SecureWaves very different set of products, it had 
turned into something new that wasnt well expressed by using the words 
'patch' and 'link' in close proximity.

Lumension is coy about what the re-branding exercise has cost it, but a 
new name chosen from among many suggestions put to it and a new logo 
dont come cheap. The company has also managed to plump for a name that 
had a free domain, no small feat these days.

"PatchLink had a good name for what we were, but with the acquisition it 
had become inappropriate," admitted Lumensions Andrew Clarke. He was 
determined not to turn the name into an end in itself, preferring to 
focus on the new direction being taken by the outfit, sloughing off its 
past as a natural rather than forced move.

The new company has products covering a number of security bases. The 
old patch management systems are still in the mix, but to this has been 
added endpoint security software, network access control, and policy 
compliance reporting.

The last six months have been a busy time for the old PatchLink, which 
also bought STAT Guardian Vulnerability Management Suite from Harris in 

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