[ISN] Singaporeans worry about high-tech crimes

From: InfoSec News (alerts@private)
Date: Fri Sep 14 2007 - 22:03:53 PDT


By Lynn Tan
ZDNet Asia
September 13, 2007

SINGAPORE -- Singaporeans, it seems, are more concerned about technology 
related crimes than the traditional types like robbery which relate to 
physical security, according to a new report.

Results from the latest survey conducted by IT services vendor Unisys 
revealed financial fraud as the No. 1 concern among respondents from the 
island-state. identity theft trailed closely in second place.

According to the September 2007 Unisys Security Index, 83 percent of 
respondents were extremely or very concerned about other people 
obtaining their credit and/or debit card details, while 80 percent were 
extremely or very concerned about unauthorized access to or misuse of 
their personal information.

These two concerns are also the top three concerns among respondents in 
Hong Kong and Malaysia, Ian Selbie, Unisys Asia-Pacific's practice 
director of Secure Business Solutions, told ZDNet Asia in an interview.

In contrast, respondents in Australia and New Zealand were instead more 
concerned about issues related to terrorism and personal (physical) 
security, Selbie noted.

"From these results, Singaporeans [for instance], are less concerned 
about traditional crimes than they are about these newer forms of crime 
like identity theft and the misuse of credit card and debit card 
information," Selbie said. "That maybe because these [crimes] are newer, 
but also maybe there's been a lot of awareness [of these crimes] created 
by reports in the media."

Selbie noted the tech-savvy nature of Singaporeans as another possible 
reason for their high level of concern for identity theft, but added 
that they are not concerned about IT security or their computers being 

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