[ISN] Exploit code out for Oracle Database 10g vulnerability

From: InfoSec News (alerts@private)
Date: Thu Nov 08 2007 - 23:01:20 PST


By Gregg Keizer
November 08, 2007 

With exploit code in circulation and no patch available for a 
buffer-overflow bug, Oracle Corp.'s flagship database software is open 
to attack, security researchers said today.

The vulnerability was first disclosed yesterday by VeriSign Inc.'s 
iDefense Labs, which issued an advisory outlining the flaw in Oracle 
Database 10gR2. Earlier versions of the enterprise database software may 
also be at risk, iDefense cautioned.

Today, Symantec Corp. followed with a warning to customers of its 
DeepSight threat management system. "The issue affects the 'OWNER' and 
procedure," said Symantec. "Specifically, if the combined length of both 
parameters is excessively large, a buffer will overflow when 
constructing a SQL query."

An attack requires authentication to the database, but assuming that, a 
successful exploit could execute code remotely. Proof-of-concept exploit 
code was posted on the Internet last Friday.

Oracle claimed it has quashed the bug in the Database 10g code, but it 
will not issue a patch until the next quarterly update -- dubbed 
Critical Patch Update, or CPU -- scheduled for Jan. 15, 2008, both 
iDefense and Symantec reported.

Because there are no work-arounds available in the interim, Symantec 
recommended that users deploy network intrusion-detection systems to 
monitor traffic for malicious activity, and allow only trusted employees 
to access the database.

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