[ISN] Logins for 8,700 FTP servers found on sale

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Date: Fri Feb 29 2008 - 01:20:55 PST


By John E. Dunn
27 February 2008

Criminals have assembled a huge database of hacked FTP server logins 
belonging to some of the worlds leading companies, a security company 
has revealed.

Finjan said it had stumbled upon a database containing account 
usernames, passwords and server addresses for a staggering 8,700 FTP 
servers, many of which were being used by US Fortune 100-level 

The hacked servers could be used to distribute crimeware by injecting 
iframe tags into any webpage stored on the compromised FTP servers. 
Indeed the server accounts were themselves being traded by a web 
application able to rank and price them according to their Google page 
rank for re-sale to other criminals.

The company found the database while examining what appears to be a 
sophisticated Russian crimeware hub built using a newer version of the 
Neosploit crimeware toolkit, sophisticated enough to offers its criminal 
users a SaaS (software as a service) interface for carrying out attacks.

The company didnt name the domains involved for obvious reasons, but the 
range of sectors and countries reads like a whos who of big business. 
FTP details for telecoms, media, online retail, and government agencies 
were all present, across every leading economy and beyond.

Using the Alexa.com domain ranking, Finjan found 10 of the top 100 
domains in the database, 100 of the top 500 domains, and 50 of those 
between 500 and 1,000.

Breaking these down by location, 2,621 were in the US, 1,247 in Russia, 
392 in Australia, 354 in Asia/Pacific. The rest were covered Eastern 
Europe, with only a handful in western European countries such as 
Germany and the UK, which accounted for 80 and 78, respectively.

"With this new trading application, cyber-criminals have an instant 
'solution' to their problem of gaining access to FTP credentials and 
thus infecting both the legitimate websites and unsuspecting visitors, 
said Finjans Yuval-Ben Itzhak.

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