[ISN] Nigerian duped gullible NASA employee

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Date: Fri May 02 2008 - 01:11:00 PDT


By Dan Goodin in San Francisco
The Register
30th April 2008

A Nigerian man was sentenced to 18 months in prison after tricking a 
NASA employee into clicking on an email attachment that installed 
malware on her government-issued computer.

According to a Justice Department press release, the unnamed 
Washington-based employee received the email from an individual she had 
had met on an online dating site. As a result her computer passwords, 
bank account numbers, social security number, driver's license 
information and address were all disclosed.

NASA's Office of Inspector General (OIG) began investigating the breach 
in December 2006 and quickly traced the attacker to Nigeria. A joint 
investigative team comprising Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crime 
Commission (EFCC), US Attorneys in Washington and New York and the OIG's 
computer crimes division convened an undercover operation that 
eventually led to 27-year-old Akeem Adejumo, who according to a court 
document also went by the name of Stephen Williams.

Adejumo pleaded guilty to two counts of obtaining goods by false 
pretenses and forgery and was sentenced to 18 months in prison by the 
Lagos State High Court in Nigeria.

The success this international team had in identifying the culprit is 
impressive. But it's important to note that this breach never would have 
happened without the cooperation of one very gullible (and likely 
delinquent) NASA employee. There's no word whether she has been fired or 
disciplined, or whether NASA has taken steps to prevent similar episodes 
from happening again. A NASA spokesman said he was looking in to the 

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