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Date: Tue May 06 2008 - 01:37:19 PDT

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On Wed, 23 Apr 2008, InfoSec News wrote:

I think the '23' is a typo for '1' here.

: Microsoft has called on companies to work together to improve overall 
: security, and not just rely on the police to do it for them.
: Ed Gibson, Microsoft's chief security advisor in the UK, said during 
: his keynote at Infosecurity Europe 2008 that security affects the 
: entire industry and that companies must work together.

: Instead the computer industry needs to step into the breach and help 
: police the internet by cutting down on the pool of available victims.

How many 'victims' on the Interwebz are victims due to running Windows 
and Internet Explorer for browsing?

: Security vendors need to make sure that products interoperate as much 
: as possible, and ensure that integration is successfully implemented, 
: according to Gibson.

Since Microsoft is so keen on reinventing the wheel and developing their 
own proprietary version of 'standard' protocols that do not interoperate 
with other vendors so well, one could infer that Microsoft is not a 
security vendor. Hope they remember that as they muscle into the 
security racket like we keep reading about.

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