[ISN] Call For Papers - Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2008

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Date: Thu May 08 2008 - 00:02:47 PDT

Forwarded from: Jim Geovedi <jim.geovedi (at) bellua.com>

Dear InfoSec News Readers,

The call for papers and conference registration is now open for Bellua 
Cyber Security Asia 2008, our fourth annual information security & 
hacking conference.

Speakers from numerous disciplines are invited to join Bellua Cyber 
Security Asia 2008 to discuss present and future information security 
and hacking issues through an intensive series of business and technical 
sessions and demonstrations.

From 18th—19th November 2008, Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2008 will take 
place in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia, with sessions hosted at Jakarta 
Convention Centre.

We invite proposals for paper presentations and demonstrations on any 
topic relevant to information security and hacking including but not 
limited to:

Business Topics
* ISO 27001—Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)
* Business processes & security
* Compliance management
* Handling security failure & incidents
* Banking security
* Telecommunication security
* Internet fraud
* Security awareness
* Social engineering
* Privacy, anonymity, ethics
* Cyberlaw and enforcement

Technical Topics
* 0-day hacking & security
* Penetration testing
* Telecom security/phreaking
* Secure programming
* Reverse engineering
* Exploit development
* Computer forensics
* Wireless security & hacking
* Web application security
* Cryptography
* Spyware/malware/worm/virus
* Physical security

Your submission should include:
1. Name, title, address, email and phone number
2. Draft of the proposed presentation (in PDF, PowerPoint or Keynote
   format), proof of concept for tools and exploits, etc.
3. Short biography, qualification, occupation, achievement and
   affiliations (limit 150 words).
4. Summary or abstract for your presentation (limit 150 words)
5. Time (40-60 minutes). Include time for discussion and questions.
6. Technical requirements (video, internet, wireless, audio, etc.)

Please send your proposal to bcs2008-cfp@private as soon as possible 
and no later than 30 September 2008. Proposals will be evaluated in the 
order received; submit early to maximise your chances of being selected.

Each non-resident speaker will receive accommodation for 3 nights at the 
Hotel Mulia Senayan and Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2008 will cover 
travel expenses up to USD 1,000.

We do not accept product, service or vendor related presentations.

Bellua Cyber Security is endorsed by the Ministry of Communication and 
Information of Republic Indonesia and is hosted by Bellua Asia Pacific.

   * Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2008 http://www.bellua.com/bcs/
   * Bellua Cyber Security Annual Conferences in Facebook: 

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