[ISN] Spanish arrest notorious hacker group members

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Date: Mon May 19 2008 - 00:09:58 PDT


Times Online
May 17, 2008

Spanish police have arrested five young computer hackers who allegedly 
disabled Internet pages run by government agencies in the US, Latin 
America and Asia, authorities said today.

The National Police described the suspects as belonging to one of the 
most active hacker groups on the Internet, the D.O.M Team, which 
infiltrates websites and inserts a page of its own.

It has attacked some 21,000 web pages over the past two years, according 
to a police statement. But the statement failed to identify specific 
government sites the group had tampered with.

The five were arrested this week in Barcelona, Burgos, Malaga and 
Valencia and two of the suspects are only 16 years old. The others are 
19 or 20.

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported in March that the group had 
infiltrated NASA's website, but a police official today said she could 
not confirm this. The official spoke on condition of anonymity in line 
with department rules.

The group also hacked the Venezuelan national telephone company's page 
and that of the Spanish telephone operator Jazztel, among others, the 
paper stated.

El Mundo said it had contacted the group and it described itself not as 
a bunch of delinquents, but computer-lovers that raid websites to show 
system administrators the pages' vulnerabilities.

The Spanish investigation began in March after the web page of a Spanish 
political party, Izquierda Unida, was disabled shortly after Spain's 
general election on March 9.

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