[ISN] HealthSpring says laptop with personal data stolen

From: InfoSec News (alerts@private)
Date: Mon May 26 2008 - 23:09:26 PDT


By Wendy Lee
Staff Writer 
The Tennessean
May 22, 2008

Nashville-based managed care company HealthSpring Inc. said Wednesday a 
laptop computer containing personal information of about 450 state 
residents was stolen in March.

The laptop, believed to contain names, dates of birth and social 
security numbers of about 9,000 individuals, was stolen from a 
HealthSpring employee's locked car on March 30 in Houston, the company 

HealthSpring said the theft was reported to police on April 1 and it 
does not believe any of the information on the laptop has been misused.

The company sent a letter dated May 7 to the individuals affected by the 
theft, encouraging them to use a credit monitoring and identity theft 
restoration service. HealthSpring will pay for the service.

"We take it very seriously and feel badly about it," said Jerry Coil, 
executive vice president and chief operating officer. The stolen laptop 
was password protected but not encrypted, Coil said. He added that he 
thinks it's "highly unlikely" any data was compromised.

Coil said the company has been in the process of encrypting all of its 
laptops and desktop computers.

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