[ISN] ENISA talks up European security plans

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Date: Thu May 29 2008 - 02:00:28 PDT


By David Neal
IT Week
27 May 2008

ENISA, the EU Agency for European Network and Information Security, has 
today been speaking about the most pressing online security risks facing 
internet users.

The group presented its General Report, warning that "Europe should not 
wait for a "digital 9/11", but instead reduce imbalances in national 
security approaches." Otherwise, it warned the European economy was at 
great risk.

The economy, ENISA explained was threatened by malicious internet and 
email users, such as those that send spam or phishing mails. It said, 
"Today, 30 per cent of global trade is "digitally dependent". Spam costs 
business about 64,5bn in 2007 (Euros), double the 2005 figure. As only 6 
per cent of spam reaches mailboxes, the problem is perceived to be under 
control. However, it is growing in quantity, size and bandwidth and 
remains a costly problem, with 94 per cent of spam being the invisible 
part of the 'iceberg'."

The Executive Director of ENISA, Andrea Pirotti added, "Europe must take 
security threats more seriously and invest more resources in NIS" 
Therefore, ENISA calls for the EU to introduce mandatory reporting on 
security breaches and incidents for business, just as the US has already 

The Member States should undertake concerted efforts to reduce the 
imbalances in security levels, with more cross-border cooperation. ENISA 
is confident that the need for secure networks to safeguard the European 
economy is a distinct driving force for Member States to cooperate more 

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