[ISN] Three in Custody After Salt Lake Sheriff's Office Recovers Stolen University Hospital Patient Records

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Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 03:40:01 -0500 (CDT)

By Elizabeth Ziegler
July 2, 2008

Three suspects are in custody in connection to the theft of stolen 
computer backup tapes containing personal information for millions of 
University of Utah Health Care system patients. Salt Lake County Sheriff 
Jim Winder says the bust is an example of good old-fashioned police 

"I'm extremely pleased. The detectives put substantial hours into it. 
But also the cooperation amongst the various entities within the 
Sheriff's Office was superb," Winder says. "And it was just a great 
example of just good old fashioned shoe-leather activity here and a 
great resolution."

Winder credits a $1,000 reward for flushing out the tapes and suspects. 
Within three hours of receiving a tip Monday night from a person 
interested in the cash reward, Kearns and Magna precinct officers had 
the stolen tapes in their hands. Burglary and identity theft charges 
have already been levied against one of the suspects. Another was 
arrested previously for an unrelated crime. The last suspect was 
interrogated this afternoon [Wednesday afternoon] and charges were 
expected to be filed by the end of the day. While critics warned the 
reward amount was too low, Winder says the sheriff's department knew it 
was likely to flush out the thieves.


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