[ISN] UK's most spammed man identified

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Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 05:14:51 -0500 (CDT)

By Guy Dixon
04 July 2008

An anti-spam software company has revealed that three of the UK's five 
most spammed individuals use Orange as their ISP.

Figures released by ClearMyMail show that the three Orange customers 
have around 63,339 spam emails blocked every day and 23,118,735 spam 
emails blocked every year.

ClearMyMail failed to establish a connection between a customer's choice 
of ISP and the amount of spam they receive, but did name the UK's most 
spammed citizen, Exeter-based Colin Wells.

According to ClearMyMail, 44,000 spam emails heading for Wells's inbox 
are blocked each day, amounting to around 16 million a year.

At the height of the problem Wells, a workshop foreman for Stagecoach 
buses, was spending two hours a day deleting spam from his account, 
making the prospect of "taking a week's holiday a complete nightmare".

The UK's second most spammed individual, who also uses Orange as their 
ISP, is fortunate by comparison with just 13,578 daily junk messages.

The third, fourth and fifth most spammed British citizens get 12,428, 
5,760 and 3,982 spam mails a day respectively.

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