[ISN] Open Security Foundation To Maintain Attrition.org's Data Loss Database - Open Source

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Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 05:09:28 -0500 (CDT)

RICHMOND, VA, July 14, 2008 - The Open Security Foundation (OSF) is 
pleased to announce that the DataLossDB (also known as the Data Loss 
Database - Open Source (DLDOS) currently run by Attrition.org) will be 
formally maintained as an ongoing project under the OSF umbrella 
organization as of July 15, 2008.

Attrition.org's Data Loss project, which was originally conceptualized 
in 2001 and has been maintained since July 2005, introduced DLDOS to the 
public in September of 2006. The project's core mission is to track the 
loss or theft of personally identifying information not just from the 
United States, but across the world. As of June 4, 2008, DataLossDB 
contains information on over 1,000 breaches of personal identifying 
information covering over 330 million records.

DataLossDB has become a recognized leader in the categorization of 
dataloss incidents over the past several years. In an effort to build 
off the current success and further enhance the project, the new 
relationship with OSF provides opportunities for growth, an improved 
data set, and expanded community involvement. "We've worked hard to 
research, gather, and make this data open to the public," says Kelly 
Todd, one of the project leaders for DataLossDB. "Hopefully, the 
migration to OSF will lead to more community participation, public 
awareness, and consumer advocacy by providing an open forum for 
submitting information."

The Open Security Foundation's DataLossDB will be free for download and 
use in non-profit work and research. The new website launch 
(http://www.datalossdb.org/) builds off of the current data set and 
provides an extensive list of new features. DataLossDB has attained 
rapid success due to a core group of volunteers who have populated and 
maintained the database. However, the new system will provide an open 
framework that allows the community to get involved and enhance the 
project. "For a data set as dynamic as this, it made sense to build it 
into a more user-driven format.", states David Shettler, the lead 
developer for the Open Security Foundation. "With the release of this 
new site, the project can now be fed by anyone, from data loss victims 
to researchers".


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