[ISN] Mac (in)security: How to secure Macs in business

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Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 03:10:54 -0500 (CDT)

By Glenn Fleishman
July 14, 2008 

Macs are immune from security threats, right? It's Windows we have to 
worry about. That water-cooler wisdom needs to be flipped on its head, 
security experts and IT managers warn. Microsoft has gotten its security 
act together with Vista and its current security-response program; 
meanwhile, Apple is fast becoming the company most in need of getting 
its security mojo going.

Many IT and security managers who have focused on securing Windows need 
to turn their attention to the Mac OS, as these six Mac security flaws 
attest. And with Macs increasingly making their way into the enterprise, 
they shouldn't wait: According to a recent Yankee Group study, 80 
percent of senior managers at 700 companies had Macs in house, with 21 
percent boasting 50 or more Macs in use.

A few security holes in Mac OS X are already known, such as the 
unpatched ARDAgent vulnerability. But that's not where the principal Mac 
security threat lies. From interviews with security experts and 
corporate IT managers, it's clear that security concerns and potential 
risks are much more quotidian -- exactly the kind of bread-and-butter 
stuff that is easy to ignore, especially for Macs, where IT's 
familiarity with the Mac is slight because users have typically managed 
the computers themselves.

It's time for IT to figure out where the Mac's security holes are so 
that you can plug them before your corporate knowledge starts bubbling 
out. Here are the six main flaws you should focus on.


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