[ISN] Downing Street aide in Chinese 'honeytrap' sting

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Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 00:04:44 -0500 (CDT)

By Andrew Porter
Political Editor
21 July 2008

The aide to the Prime Minister met the woman in a disco in Shanghai 
during a trip to China with Mr Brown earlier this year.

The unnamed official went back to his hotel room with her and the next 
morning reported that his mobile phone, which also contained his emails, 
was missing.

Gordon Brown's aide would not be the first official whose romantic 
leanings overcame common sense in Shanghai, if the allegations of a 
“honey-trap” prove true.

Three years ago, always difficult relations between China and Japan sank 
to a new low when Tokyo alleged that one of its diplomats based at the 
Shanghai consulate committed suicide after a “honey-trap” operation.

The diplomat had pursued an affair with a hostess at a karaoke bar, and 
had allegedly been blackmailed by China's extensive security apparatus. 
The claims were denied as “smears” by the Chinese government.

According to diplomats, all senior visiting officials are warned to take 
no chances with security when they come to China. In particular, they 
are told to be careful with electronic devices - classified information 
should be left behind if possible - and to assume that mobile phone 
conversations will be eavesdropped.

It is a general rule that Blackberries may not hold or be used to access 
classified information.


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