[ISN] Stolen TVA laptops may have sensitive info, IG says

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Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 04:08:39 -0500 (CDT)

By Larisa Brass
August 1, 2008 

A laptop stolen from TVA contained Social Security numbers and reflects 
generally inadequate policies and procedures for tracking computers at 
the agency, according to the TVA Inspector General.

The laptop was one of approximately 26 computer and computer-related 
items stolen from TVA between May 26, 2006, and Nov. 30, 2007, according 
to the IG, although the report stated it was unclear whether sensitive 
information was present on any of the laptops or PCs stolen from TVA.

TVA spokesman Jim Allen said TVA officials did not have information late 
Thursday on how many people were involved in the breach, who they were 
or whether the information had been used in any fraudulent activities.

According to the IG, since TVA rolled out an inventory system for its 
computers in August 2004, called the HP Service Desk, TVA has been 
unable to track more than 5,550 computers. "The inability to adequately 
track, as well as the lack of encryption, on these computers increases 
the risk for the disclosure of sensitive or restricted information," the 
report [1] stated.

[1] http://oig.tva.gov/PDF/08rpts/20Z-315.pdf


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